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AACO Manufacturing Srl, founded in 1982 by Mr. Cozza Luciano who is still the current President, is specialized in designing and production of electric motors, extractors and ventilators employed in the following sectors:

  • burners, applicable both to small domestic burners and to big industrial boilers;
  • hot-water cleaners;
  • industrial welders (particularly overheated ambient);
  • condensing batteries for refrigeration systems;
  • radiant pipes;
  • Unel-Mec series motors for tooling machines, machines for building, machines and pumps for agriculture, automatic systems and automatisms, transfer pumps;
  • pumps for tooling machines designed to provide with cooling liquid the cutting tools or material removal.

In the last 15 years the attention towards the ventilation sector has been intensified with:

  • fume extractors for wall-hung boilers;
  • ventilators for traditional and condensing wall-hung boilers;
  • motors, ventilators and fume extractors for pellet stoves, chimneys, biomass and pellet boilers;
  • cross flow and axial blowers for pellet stoves, hot-air generators, control boards and many other applications;

All of our products are the result of in-depth sector researches and studies, directed to grasp the deep requirements of the application.

They can cover a wide range of applications with any type of voltage and frequency, both in single-phase and three-phase alternating current

Most of them offer the chance to regulate the speed, permitting  this way an economical and energetic saving.

The “mission” of AACO Manufacturing, defined by the Company Management in the document “Quality Policy”, provides in fact that the Company activities aim at the satisfaction of the Customer through the supply of safe and reliable products, technologically faithful to the modern requirements of the operators and Customers.

The future is for those who are able to dedicate their experience towards improvement.

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