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Corporate values


Capability to adapt to the requests of the market, both for the product types and production management. To reach this higher flexibility target, AACO applies Lean Production techniques for the layout of the production lines, for the involvement of the staff, trained to cover various operational positions, and for the management of supply sources, by concluding agreements with its external partners and suppliers.


AACO puts the customers at the core of the entire Company system, by identifying its mission in ensuring the maximum product quality to reach full customer satisfaction. Satisfying each customer means offering excellent products and services, outstanding for quality and technical characteristics, to answer promptly and professionally to the diverse needs.

Since 2011, the Company has taken a LEAN path, in order to cancel and eliminate wastes and unprofitable activities, considered therefore “not valuable” by the customer

Aaco has chosen to pursue these aims by resorting to methods and instruments integrated in a Quality Management System, compliant to the ISO 9001 standard, to satisfy the customer’s demands and orientate towards prevention and continuous improvement, Kaizen effect.


The company aims at proposing a quality product, at the same time competitive, to guarantee highest customer satisfaction and acquire an increasing market share.


AACO founds its organization on the motivation of its personnel in the constant research of improvement of the quality, production, organization, environment and relationship aspects, to create a winning tool in the “human factor”, which represents the fundamental tool of the production process.
AACO has strongly wanted to share the Corporate decisions on a vertical level, to encourage the continuous improvement of all colleagues.

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