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With the entry into force of the Law Decree 127 dated 21st September 2021, starting on the 15th of October 2021, it will be mandatory to check the Green Pass of anyone accessing the premises of Sovizzo and Creazzo at any title.
Only persons possessing appropriate medical certification attesting the exemption from the vaccination campaign, issued in accordance with Ministry of Health's specifications will be exempt from the obligation of showing the Green Pass. The medical certification will have to be shown at the entrance, nonetheless.
AACO, through its formal delegates and by suitable instruments, will carry out the necessary checks before the entrance of the external personnel to the areas marked with suitable signage on site, and invites all external personnel to provide themselves with the aforementioned certification in accordance with the above-mentioned Law Decree. In case of doubts at the time of Green Pass verification, the exhibition of a document proving the identity of the person checked may be requested, without registration of any concerned information.
We remind you, furthermore, that access is allowed only to personnel complying with all rules set for entrance (visible upon entering) and correctly wearing all established personal protection equipment.
Possible administrative fines due in case of verification by competent authorities and linked to your personnel will be put at your expense.
AACO, as established in the company protocol that can be found at the reception, and complying with the legislation in force, fulfill this obligation and submits all its staff to random periodical verification and check.

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